Picking the teams

In researching and organizing “Drive to Five” and deciding how much we’d revisit and recount old football games, Max Thompson and I often came to debate the hierarchy of Lake Travis’ best, biggest and most memorable football wins (our final list above).

At the same time, and possibly for the sake of more lists, the topic of Lake Travis’ best players also factored into our conversations. How would we rank players we’ve come across in the hierarchy of the school’s history? In trying to do so, we come to understand the seemingly annual conundrum – and practice – of the coaches who decide all-district teams. Where is the dividing line and when do you say enough is enough. The coaches seem to find a place for every player nominated, creating the awkward and unrealistic reality of a 20-person first-team offense or defense.

We strayed from the standard 11-man formation just once, on defense to account for the differing preferences coaches have to play a unit either with four down linemen or four linebackers. So, you'll find four of each on our defense.

Here, then, is our unofficial list of Lake Travis’ top players.

First team offense

First team defense

Second team offense

Second team defense